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My copywriting services range from full-blown websites to social media captions and video scripts, and almost everything in between. Below you’ll find links to more information on my most popular services. If what you need falls slightly, or even completely out of the realm of what’s covered here, please get in touch. I’m always happy to tailor my services to your needs so we can achieve your goals, so let’s have a natter. 

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Website copy


You want to grab (and hold!) the attention of the humans who happily find themselves on your website. You want to tell your story in a way that engages their hearts and minds, and leaves them wanting more.

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Nurturing email sequences


You want to authentically connect with the peeps on your mailing list. Right from the get go, am I right? Of course I am! Because then they’ll love you just as much as you love them. It’s only natural.

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Social media captions


You want to make your life a heck of a lot easier by investing in a social media caption grab file. A whole bunch of social media captions perfectly aligned with your brand’s voice, already written and ready to go.

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Blog articles


You want to share your knowledge and be known as an expert in your field, spreading the love and helping other humans achieve their goals, live better lives, or both. Oh, and you want to boost your SEO while you’re at it.

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Video scripts


You want to form connections, humanise your brand, keep people on your website for longer, and achieve greater engagement with your audience.

Video’s where it’s at.

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You need a second set of eyes and a fresh noggin’ to read over your copy to make sure there are no pesky typos or other silly little things stopping it from shining as brightly as it can.

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Copy on call


You may not have a neat and tidy project that needs my attention, but you sure do have a few bits here and a few bobs there (plus a couple of Franks and Gertas) that could benefit from some luscious copy-brain magic. I’m here for it.

I'm deeply grateful to live on Kaurna land and to divide my working life between the lands of the Kaurna, Peramangk, and Ngadjuri people. I acknowledge and respect the Traditional Owners and their connection to Country. For our Elders.

I work with people from all backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. I believe everyone should have the freedom to be themselves and be valued for their differences. It’s what makes our beautiful world spin right 'round, baby.